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In spite of population pressure, India has some of the most biodiverse regions of the world and hosts three of the world’s 34 biodiversity hotspots. It is home to about 7.6% of all mammalian, 12.6% of avian, 6.2% of reptilian creatures. India’s forests harbor 80 % of the world’s one-horned rhinoceros, 60% of the world’s wild tiger & 50% of Asian elephant, population. This incredibly rich and diverse wildlife is preserved in its 89 national parks, 18 Bio-sphere reserves and 400+ wildlife sanctuaries across the country.

Our Journeys

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Wildlife of Central India

Delhi - Nagpur - Tadoba - Pench - Kanha - Delhi

Best time to travel: November till April

India is home to an amazing diversity of wildlife, and this was possible only because of the different landscapes and bio-spheres that can be found here. This is a fascinating tour taking you through some of the best landscapes in the country in search of India's Big Cats along with other wildlife. In this program, we would be exploring the teak forests of Pench, the bamboo woods of Tadoba, and the Sal Forests of Kanha. We would be spending ample time at each landscape so as to do justice to each one. This program is more oriented towards the popular tiger reserves as they do offer a good opportunity to find the Bengal tiger.

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India's best-kept secret

Guwahati – Kaziranga – Gibbon Sanctuary – Kaziranga - Guwahati

Best time to travel: November to March

Assam known for its tea, orchids & rich culture is also one of the richest biodiversity zones in the world and consists of tropical rainforests, deciduous forests, riverine grasslands, bamboo orchards, and numerous wetland ecosystems, many of which are now protected as national parks and reserved forests such as the UNESCO World Heritage site of Kaziranga National Park, in the flood plains of the mighty Brahmaputra river and a stronghold for the Great Indian One-Horned Rhinoceros, along with the Pygmy Hog, Tiger, Asian Elephant, Swamp Deer, Asiatic Wild Buffalo, etc.

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Terai & the Ganga

Delhi – Kishanpur – Dudhwa – Sattal – Vanghat – Corbett – Rishikesh - Delhi

Best time to travel: November till May

Combined with 2 most diverse and wildlife-rich national parks – Dudhwa & Corbett, Freshwater lakes of Sattal, Riverine of Ramganga, Kosi, and Ganges, this trip will offer fantastic wildlife, birding, and adventure experiences. Dudhwa National Park, along with Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary, represents the best natural forests and grasslands in the Terai region of Uttar Pradesh. Set amongst dense forests of oak and pine trees, Sattal’s unpolluted lakes are a paradise for migratory birds. Corbett’s magical landscape is well-known for its tiger density and bird diversity. The northern division of Corbett’s buffer area, known as Kalagarh Tiger Reserve offers unique Walking Safaris through a jungle-based eco-lodge – Vanghat.

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Snow Leopard Crossing - India-vnm_edited.jpg

In Search of the Grey Ghost

Delhi - Leh - Ulley / Mangue - Leh - Delhi

Best time to travel: November - April

The snow-clad ranges and hostile slopes of the Himalayas have mesmerized man for centuries. Even more mystifying are the treasures of the living world that these mountains house. The strikingly beautiful Snow Leopard is one of the most mysterious cats in the world, seldom glimpsed in the wild. These endangered species are one of the rarest living cats and are as beautiful as they are enigmatic. With their thick coats and furry tails and paws, these tough cliff-dwelling predators have withstood a struggle against the changing environment. 

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