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The externship program provides in depth understanding of the various issues involved in wildlife health, capturing and handling wild animals and wildlife rehabilitation.

Hosting organization: Department of Wildlife Protection, Leh, Ldakh-UT, India.

Dates: 1st July to 26th September, 2023

Eligibility: Veterinarians and Veterinary Students (DVM, BVSc & AH).

Duration: 25 days (Excluding day of arrival and departure)

Place: Leh, Ladakh, India.

Background and about the program: Wildlife conservation is essential to balance the ecosystem. As a result of anthropogenic pressure such as habitat fragmentation, habitat loss, linear barriers human wildlife conflict has been continuing and increasing with time. Human-Wildlife conflict is one of the major threats to the sustained survival of many species across the world, and in countries like India, a significant threat to health and lives of people/local communities including the security and sustainability of their livelihoods. The necessity of the day is to manage conflict so that it remains within tolerable limits though in present condition human dominated landscape has some level of tolerance. Along with management interventions such as policy and prevention, mitigation, understanding the conflict and response to conflict play a crucial role in managing such conflict situations. Apart from that conservation implications are also important subject for effective management of wildlife in habitat.

The twenty five day externship course is designed to train veterinarians by actively involving them in a learning process which includes theoretical lecture series and also requiring the participants to be actively engaged through practical classes-use of immobilizing drugs, drug safety, preparation, loading of darts, use of different darting systems, field immobilization, monitoring and biological sampling to provide 'hands-on' experience to all participants and better understanding of modern equipment’s used for capture operations. The course also aim to give a brief conservation effort followed in high altitude areas of Ladakh for the non-vet trainees

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