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The history of angling (or fishing) is as old as the world. From the time there were fish in the seas and the rivers, people have been catching them for food. Though probably not as popular a pastime as it is in the West, angling has its loyal followers in India, and also a growing tribe of converts. Once ‘hooked’, the ‘bait’ of angling (puns unintended) proves difficult to avoid. Which other sport offers you hours of tranquility and reflection, in the great outdoors? If there’s one fish that India is renowned for, it is the Mahseer, a species of carp that inhabits many of the rivers in the Indian Subcontinent. However, the mighty Golden Mahseer (now, unfortunately, endangered) is only resident in the Himalayan region. To catch one of these big beauties is an angler’s dream. Besides the Mahseer, among the species of fish that can be seen in abundance in Indian rivers are the gargantuan Goonch (catfish) and various species of trout (brown and rainbow – introduced by the homesick British).

Our Journeys

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Golden Mahseer Angling from Vanghat

Delhi - Vanghat - Delhi

Best time to travel: April - June and October - November

The Western Ramganga is a spring-fed river arising some 200kms North of Corbett Tiger Reserve at Dudhatoli in the Himalayan foothills. It is fishable throughout the year since it is not subject to snowmelt in the spring. The waters remain clear through most of the year except in the rains from June-end to early September. The fish that the angler is likely to encounter are golden mahseer, goonch, Indian trout, and the very shy Kalbanse.

Mahseer weighing 60lb have been caught in the recent past, Goonch run massive,at the right time it is possible to land a 100 lbs, 20-30 being average. The Indian trout is rare and a good size would be 10 inches.

Spinning - Nagtaley (upstram of Vanghat).JPG
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Angling in Ramganga & Pancheshwar

Delhi - Vanghat - Pancheshwar - Garmukhteshwar - Delhi

Best time to travel: April - June and October - November

Undeniably, the Mahseer is one of the fiercest fighting freshwater game fish that exists. Pound for pound it has unparalleled strength and endurance. They do have a transitory likeness to the carp and the barbell of the English waters, but as they say, the similarity soon ends in the turbid waters of the Himalayan foothills. Mahseer have overjoyed generations of anglers and time after time lived up to being called the "Mighty Mahseer."

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